Lyft is now a GSA-approved partner

Federal, state, and local government workers can now use Lyft to get where they need to go.

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How Lyft works with government agencies:

Government travel

Government travel

Whether commuting or traveling for business, Lyft provides reliable rides.


Recruit top talent

Impress job candidates by offering Lyft rides to and from interviews.


Augment your fleets and shuttles

Add flexibility to your transportation options.


Business Travel

With our GSA-approved partnership, it's easy for federal, state, and local workers to charge work rides directly to a central account, and for managers to see what's being spent on ground transportation.


Keep employees happy

Make the travel experience seamless with automated expensing, expense notes, corporate travel partnerships, rewards, and more.

Easy expense management

Get insights into your budget so you can see exactly what you are spending.

Safety first. Always.

Lyft's health safety policies help your team get back on the road and keep their well-being prioritized.


Rides for every need

Lyft Pass

Cover rides for your team with built-in controls for budget and use. Your employees can request rides in the Lyft app when they're ready, giving them flexibility and control.

Tailor it to your needs

Set a ride budget, so costs never exceed your limits. Our reporting tools let you monitor use and manage costs easily.

Rule the ride

Create customizable settings around pickup and drop-off locations, time of day, ride cost, and more.

Attract—and keep—top talent

Stand out in the competitive job market with rides to interviews — you'll expand the field of candidates, to boot.

Our mission is to improve people's lives with the world's best transportation. We're committed to offering solutions for sustainability, economic mobility, and transportation access and equity.

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