Lyft Business for TravelBank Travel  Clients

TravelBank has teamed up with Lyft Business to help get your people where they need to go more efficiently, while saving you time and resources.

By partnering with Lyft, you can provide in-policy booking for any rider, and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Savings of 30-50% compared to other services
  • Visibility into travel spending and behavior
  • Expedited launch process for American Express clients
  • Exclusive benefits for employee rides

Fill out the form to request a Lyft Business Admin Portal account. 

Admin Portal Benefits:

  • Access to all business profile ride data & reporting (includes anyone in your organization currently using Lyft for work travel in their business profile)
  • Ability to invite new travelers
  • Ability to give other colleagues admin access
  • Auto Pay (direct bill) capabilities for cohorts of employees or all employees
  • Ability to send employees Lyft credits

Interested in Lyft? 

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