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Business travel

Help your business travelers get where they need to go with reliable rides.


Show your team you've got their back with rides to and from the office.

Courtesy rides

Provide easy rides to wherever people need to go—no app required.


Team outing? Evening shindig? Give your guests a reliable way to get to events (and back home).

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Your values, our values

  • Designed with you in mind

    Build a door-to-door program. Or give your people a monthly subsidy. Whatever your needs, our flexible options let you create the perfect program for your organization.

  • Putting customers first

    Get the transportation support you need to grow your business. Our expert team can help your expert team get started in a jiff.

  • Proven expertise

    The Lyft Business team has established a track record for reducing costs, creating better rider experiences, and making your operations more efficient.

A peek at our programs

  • Business Profiles
    Make it easy for your team to expense rides. Plus, get visibility into costs to optimize your ride programs.

  • Concierge
    Arrange courtesy rides for the people your organization cares about — whether they're customers, patients, guests, or maybe just that guy who's been at the office a little too long.

  • Lyft Pass
    Let your people manage rides when they need them, with built-in controls for budget and usage such as restrictions on location, time of day, and ride type.

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