Elevate your hotel guest experience

Treat your guests like royalty from the moment their trip begins with an easy, reliable Lyft ride

How Lyft works with hotels

Boost guest

Ease guests' travel stress with amenities that will set your property apart and keep your customers feeling cared for.

Eliminate shuttle-
related costs

Reduce costs associated with shuttles, like labor, maintenance, insurance, gas, and more.

Increase operational

Replace the administrative overhead that comes with managing shuttles and let your teams focus on what matters — delighting guests.



Schedule courtesy rides for guests and let riders enjoy the Lyft ride experience even if they don't have the app. You can request an on-demand ride, schedule a ride for a future date or send a flexible ride.

Set up rides easily

Arrange courtesy rides for guests. Enter pick-up and drop-off addresses and send a ride right away, schedule a future pick-up, or allow guests to request the ride when they're ready.

Keep an eye on your rides

See cost and pick-up times up front, compare and choose different ride types, and track when guests will arrive.

Manage it all

Simplify payments, see ride history, control access, run reports, and reconcile accounts — all from one central location.

cover Rides for every need

Lyft Pass

Cover the cost of rides for your employees and guests — with built-in controls for budget and usage. They can claim rides in the Lyft app when they're ready, giving them flexibility and control.

Show guests you care

Make your hotel stand out by providing an on-demand transportation program that delights your guests and employees.

Attract and retain top talent

Stand out in the competitive job market with rides to interviews and work. When you give people transportation access, you also level the playing field for job candidates. It's a win-win.

Tailor to your needs (and your budget)

Set custom restrictions like pickup and drop-off location, time of day, and the maximum cost of the ride. Budgeting and reporting tools allow you to monitor usage and manage costs.

Get started today

Start moving people today and make it easy for guests and employees to get where they need to be. Only pay for the rides you take — no set-up fees or minimum spend required.

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