UCSD & Lyft

UC San Diego has partnered with Lyft to provide rides using Lyft Concierge.


Getting Started with Lyft Concierge

Lyft Concierge allows you to easily request an on-demand ride or schedule a ride up to 7 days in advance for a customer from your computer.

How to Request a Ride:

Getting started

Request an On-Demand Ride

Pre-schedule a Lyft Concierge ride



Module 1: Getting Started

In the Google Chrome browser, open a new tab, go to https://www.lyft.com/dispatch/login and follow the prompts to log in. 


Module 2: Requesting an On-Demand Lyft Concierge Ride


Module 3: Pre-scheduling a Lyft Concierge ride



Getting Started Guides



Email Support: Contact your Lyft Account Manager and/or conciergehelp@lyft.com

Ride Review Inquiries: Submit a support ticket

Learn more about Lyft's commitment to safety: Visit https://www.lyft.com/safety